Monday, December 30, 2013

My hopes for you in 2014

These are hopes that I have for you in the new year. Who are "you"? Well, you are, stranger.

1. I hope that you will realize that a door you think is closed, is not really closed at all.
2. I hope that you will see you have the strength to move past whatever is hurting you.
3. I hope that when you're sad, you will allow yourself to just feel sad.
4. I hope that you will keep your expectations from getting in the way of the beauty of what actually is.
5. I hope that you will look up from your phone long enough to realize what you're missing in front of you.
6. I hope that you will know you're worthy of all the love people offer you.
7. I hope that next time you're put down, you will find the words to speak up.
8. I hope that instead of just hearing, you will try to listen.
9. I hope that you will Say yes more.
10. I hope that you will raise your arms up and scream with joy, and mean it.
11. I hope that this will be the year that you can take that one thing (you know, that one thing you tell yourself is holding you back from living the life you want) and face it. You know the thing I mean. Make this the year.
12. I hope that you will not wait.

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